Professional Rug Washing

All Rugs Are Hand Washed



At Zephy Rugs LLC. all our services are done by our trained staff.

No hidden costs – Hand scrubbing

Urine Extraction – Moth Proofing – Fringe Brightening

We provide each customer with a detailed written invoice of cleaning and repair costs.  You know exactly what to expect because we take the time to explain the cleaning process and answer all of your questions.  We hand scrub our rugs the old fashion way, Zephyr Rugs staff can pay particular attention to removing stains and discolorations. Our experts have the ability to see particular areas which need more scrubbing…areas that machine washing may potentially miss.

Have your rug hand cleaned and repaired by our experts. An oriental rug is a purchase which lasts a lifetime. When properly maintained, oriental rugs will last for generations.

Please call 413-584-8044 or email to request further information.