About Us - Zephyr Rugs

Zephyr Rugs works directly with major weaving centers around the world to bring style and sophistication to your home. Mr. Sheik, raised in Lahore, Pakistan was exposed to the center of Oriental Rug creation. From an early age he was fascinated by the process of traditionally weaving Rugs as an artform. In 1982 we began a commerce business in wholesaling rugs and moved into selling retail. We are experts in natural dyes, hand spun wool and Antique Persian rugs.

An oriental rug is a purchase which lasts a lifetime. When properly maintained, a Zephyr rug will last for generations. Most of our rugs are made with natural dyes, such as pomegranate and indigo and are woven with handspun New Zealand sheep’s wool. At Zephyr Rugs you will never see the same rug twice because our products are not mass produced.

Victoria and Tahir Sheikh owners of Zephyr Rugs Inc., have hundreds of satisfied customers who have purchased a hand knotted oriental carpet from them over the past thirty-eight years. Our clients receive the best service from our caring and knowledgeable staff. A Zephyr Rug is a perfect compliment to any room or décor. 

We pledge and have forged direct relationships to ensure that all of our carpets are child labor and cruelty-free.


How the Hand Knotted Natural Dyes/Hand Spun Wool Rugs are Made

Step 1: Raw Wool

Step 2: Hand Spinning of Wool

Step 3: Natural Dying of Wool and Sun Drying

Step 4: Rug Loom and Rug Weaving

Step 5: Rug Hand Washing

Step 6: Sun Drying Rug