Traditionally Crafted Rugs

Our Rugs are designed by Master Rug weavers from throughout Central Asia who keep true to a process of rug making that is centuries old. Creating one of a kind pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. We are happy to share the time, care and craftsmanship that goes into creating each work of art and how your purchase helps to support communities throughout Asia.

Fine Natural Wool

New Zealand Wool  Fine Wool

100% Natural New Zealand Wool is imported and checked for imperfections to guarantee that the highest caliber materials go into every Rug. 

Hand Spun for Quality

Hand Spun Wool  Stored for Quality

Our weavers take the time and diligence to ensure the wool is properly processed and stored to create the best quality rugs that last generations.

Natural Dyes Used

Natural Rug Dyes    Vegetable Dyes

Environmentally safe vegetable dyes are used such as Indigo, Pomegranate and Matter to create vibrant colors that are inspected to and guaranteed to  stay dynamic throughout the years.

Hand Crafted Styles

 Hand Crafted Rugs 

Traditionally crafted styles are designed by master weavers utilizing a systematic process that has been certified and safeguarded to create long lasting pieces of artwork. 

Traditionally Washed

Rug Washing  Rug Cleaning

To finalize the process and for quality assurance, rugs are washed the traditional way is a diligently to secures the integrity of our products.

Freshly Air Dried

Natural Air Drying Unique Rug Styles

Sun dried and kissed by the Asian air is the final step in production, before these unique pieces find their way to your home or office.

Supporting Rug Making Communities

Supporting Rug Making Communities Support Rug Making Communities

The purchase of a Zephyr Rug supports ancient rug weaving techniques and the communities of master weavers that fortify and protect a tradition that what would be a foregone art form.